Luxury Car Rental

The next generation of the luxury travel experience:
Luxury car rental with a professional chauffeur

In today’s business reality, life is very fast paced. You need to get from one place to another, avoid traffic, and manage your business from telephones and laptop computers.
Travelling around Israel for meetings only adds to the stress. Contending with weather conditions, local driving customs and parking problems all tamper with your ability to concentrate on business activities and waste our valuable time. The obvious solution will allow you to arrive to your meetings on time while also keeping yourself available to manage your business: a well-equipped comfortable luxury rental car with your own chauffeur.

Limovan is a leader in luxury car rental

Over the last decade Limovan has been providing chauffeured luxury-car rental services to the majority of companies offering luxury transportation services in Israel for all purposes:
1. Creating the right impression when arriving at business meetings helps to end them in the most positive way
2. Personal attendance on business people arriving from abroad throughout all of their business trips
3. First-class VIP transportation for entertainers, celebrities and successful businesspeople anywhere in Israel (including Ben Gurion Airport)
4. Allowing you to continue your work uninterrupted throughout the drive to your next meeting
5. Refreshing repose, to renew your energies before your next meeting
The cars we offer as a part of our luxury car rental services are among the fastest and most spacious models on the market today:
The Chevrolet Traverse and the GL450 Mercedes SUV can accommodate up to 6 passengers and easily carry a large weight load; our limousine vans, the Mercedes Viano and the Mercedes Sprinter, are large enough for conducting business meetings; and the Mercedes S Class is hypnotizingly beautiful with the promise to provide you with an unforgettable travel experience.

Much more than your average luxury car rental

It is our long experience that eye-catching luxury cars may provide a comfortable and enjoyable work experience, but they are not necessarily what brings our clients back for more.
A luxury car, extravagant as it may be, is only a tool. Our chauffeurs’ top professional standards and the service they provide are what make the travel experience an unforgettable one.
To achieve this, Limovan invests in an intensive selection process for the job and in training of professional and courteous chauffeurs, who are proficient in several languages. Our goal is to allow you to arrive at your destination in a safe and timely manner while enabling you to be free to rest, work, hold meetings, or any other activity you choose.

How to get started today?

Since it is now clear why you shouldn’t settle for renting only a luxury car, without getting a chauffeur who will make the trip a first-class experience, all that’s left to do is contact us and get on the road. For renting a luxury car with a personal driver, go to the contact page, leave us your details now and we will get back to as soon as possible.