Tourist Transportation

Honor Thy Tourist – Tourist Transportation

In recent years the tourism in Israel had begun to flourish again as it used to in the past, we can see the central cities and the holy cities filled with tourists who are just waiting for the next tour or trip in Israel. Nevertheless, we can make them see Israel as an even better experience, cause them to bring more and more friends the next time they visit – tourist transportation and tourist guiding is the best answer.
We should do our best to leave a good impression on the tourist from the moment they leave the airport, They shouldn’t have to look for taxis to get to their destination – they should be made to feel welcome, very welcome.

What can be done

Tourist transportation is a field that has developed in our country over many years. Today we are used to seeing buses full of tourists travelling between central points in Israel. On the one hand we see this as development of the image of Israel and on the other hand we can see the disadvantage.
There is a very fine difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary: Tourist buses should be very impressive and very comfortable, they need to leave a mark and a desire for more. Therefore, when choosing tourist transportation you should not make any compromises. The vehicles need to be worthy of the task, and tourism in this country, which keeps coming despite the security situation, should not be taken for granted.


Buses for tourist transportation need to include all the best things possible, whether it is comfortable fully-reclining seats, LCD screens and advanced sound system, and of course air conditioning because it is important not to forget that our weather is a bit harsh for European and American tourists, it is a must to make the tourist feel that Israel is not the third world and that it is the next country for tourism.

Accompanying tour guide

Once you have chosen a mode of tourist transportation, you need to assign a tour guide to accompany the tourists, but, and there is a but, the tour guide must fit the group like a glove, someone who understands the group, and speaks their language (not just in linguistic terms). The guide will need to recognize and understand the group’s preferences and wishes, and there certainly is a difference between old or young tourists, and whether they are interested in entertainment or in seeing holy sites.

The trip they will not forget

So if you need transportation for tourists- Limovan is your natural choice, the company that regards itself as a foundation for developing tourism in Israel. Our brand-new, well-equipped buses will ensure that they will never forget this trip. All that you have to do is – fill out your details on the contact page so that we can help you choose the mode of transportation that is most suitable for the group of tourists that is arriving here to enjoy themselves.