Transportation Services

Need a transportation service? 3 facts that everyone needs to know before choosing a transportation service

When searching for a transportation service, you want the company that will provide you with the best service possible.
You have a certain budget, a certain goal and a group of people that needs to get from one place to another.
However, it is also important to you that the journey goes over well, as far as safety is concerned as well as satisfaction.
For us at Limovan, it is important that your trip go over as smoothly and enjoyably as possible for all the members of the group.
Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the following 3 facts that will help you choose the transportation service that is most appropriate for you:

The first criterion for choosing transportation services: crowding vs. comfort

When you need to decide on a transportation service, your first consideration is the size of the group, and that will be the basis of your choice between a bus and a smaller vehicle (caravans, minibuses and limousine vans).
However, choosing the size of the vehicle simply based on the number of people travelling, with the view of saving money, can potentially spoil your travel experience.
On private trips or lengthy journeys, it is important to choose a vehicle that is “one size larger” in order to ensure a much more spacious and comfortable trip.
Another consideration in favor of a larger vehicle is the size and quantity of luggage and equipment carried by the passengers.
This way you can ensure a much more comfortable, spacious and luxurious trip.
The second criterion for choosing transportation services: type and purpose of the trip

The second criterion when choosing transportation services is the mode of transportation and the purpose of the trip.

While you are usually inclined to rent a bus for transporting a large number of passengers from point A to point B, sometimes you will want to combine the trip with business meetings on the road, enjoy more sumptuous conditions and even sleep comfortably.
These VIP trips can be made in special buses or limousine vans to upgrade the quality of travelling conditions and allow businesspeople, entertainers, celebrities and any group interested in enjoying luxurious VIP accommodations, to make their ride a first-class experience, like you would enjoy on a plane.

The third criterion for choosing transportation services: specific tailoring to your needs

The third criterion for choosing a transportation service is the shift from renting just “any” bus for an event, to custom-tailoring the ride for your needs. As occasion requires, you can add licensed, multilingual tour guides, personal security services, and a private chauffeur who will accompany you throughout the trip.
Now that the criteria for choosing a transportation service are clear to you, all that is left to do is consider the options that are laid out before you and determine which one of them is the one that is most appropriate for your needs.
In order to make your decision easier, we would be glad to help you decide which of the services and vehicles are most appropriate for the needs of your group.
We invite you to leave us your details on the contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you decide which transportation service is the most appropriate for your needs.